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OH-MY-GOD we're starting to make money!!!

“Oh m-y g-o-d-d, the server is down!”

His scream is reaching me after three mile-seconds, as it passes like an echo through all the people on the bar, and I’m feeling like Jessica rabbit just before Judge Doom dipped Roger (Oh my god, it’s dip!!!)

His smile is gone. Actually, each and every expression is. I’m sitting in front of a mummy…

At once he’s awaken, pours his elegant cocktail to his dried throat,(ignoring the little umbrella stuck in his nose) drops a ‘Franklin’ to the counter and runs off.

“Do you have this in a take-away”? I hear myself asking in slow-mo, while I grasp that this tiny portion of romantics has gone forever, (and if I don’t run the hell out, my ride is gone as well)

I gulp the rest of my martini and run after him, still trying to cope…

“Tut-tut!” The shuddering Monitis sound bursts from his mobile, informs us very gently… that we are stuck in this start-up life like a gambler. No way out but through an “exit” and even that won’t help…

“We’ve got to go back to the hotel!” he shouts while running. Yes, we are in the midst of my birthday celebrations, and I’m (36 no more!) running along half wasted, when I notice this ‘out of body’ episode is exciting me! A minute before we chilled with drinks, exhilarated with the fact that we manage to still live the good life, in spite of all of this start-up jungle, and now? We’re the cast of “the amazing race!”

ג'ים קארי מופתע


Out of no-where, one of the affiliate companies decided to triple our users. On a Friday

afternoon. A second before the weekend. Actually, with one foot in, while one partner has gone for a bike trip, and the other? Celebrating his wife’s birthday in a romantic small


The only one that’s left in the office is the dedicated student, who is probably turned on by all this tender sounds from Monitis, since he’s on the mo-fo in a splash. The holiday gift has done well, I think, and I realize that any person who joins a start-up from scratch has to have this flaming personality and a ‘love-hate’ relationship with himself.

“Nothing like a romantic getaway to wake up your senses, ha?” his sentence is still hovering in my head. Yeah and nothing like entrepreneurship to suck you out and split you dry! I giggle and immediately remind myself to get serious.

Two red lava pimples are heading out of my face into the world, and I’m starting to feel the stress.

"Why did the server fail?" I wonder (maybe the guy holding it, is sick of it?) every minute going by is potential money, and I know my future already. (“What will it be darlin’, scrambled or fried? Bacon on the side? Oh, no eggs at all?”)

“God-dammit! We lost 300 clicks already!” He yells at skype. At this rate, we’re dead! He’s sweating and I sense the fear pouring out of him. ‘Cause when you’re starting to make money, you start to fear for it. It’s neither an investment nor an angle. This money comes straight out of hard field work. We are doing it! Real cash in a flash! Not the Jay-Z amounts, you can’t relax on a white Chaise longue in your own pool, but hey, it makes you fantasize..(by the way, the woman that got caught last week breaking into a pool sitting there with an empty martini glass? It wasn’t me!)

We are Jewish entrepreneurs, and if we don’t get our server up, our CTR goes down, and ay..ay..ay..only god knows what will happen if we miss half an hour of online…

I must have fallen asleep, ‘cause I wake to scattered laughter and I realize that the problem is history. “When this ride ends”, I promise myself, “We’re back on a payroll”.

“You gotta’ hear this! I got the greatest idea for funding in Indiegogo!” he tells me exhilarated, and I freeze for a second. Indiegogo, ha? Go for it, will it make us rich?

Galia Baron-Yifrach, is an entrepreneur at heart and a content marketing manager. After three initiatives, a life’s blog and living the start-up arena in Madrid, San Francisco and Israel, I can say the road is equally important to the goal.

Google ‘Campus for moms’ graduate, Feminiar – Women a-loud vlogger, and owner of Parents for life-witty magnets for women to remind us who we are…

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