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[S5E14] The Beta Test Initiation

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[S5E14] The Beta Test Initiation

Leonard and Penny have resumed dating, but agree to take things slow and treat their relationship like a "beta test". Both agree to report and fix their problems with the "software" objectively rather than get angry at one another. Leonard gives Penny a "bug report" on her problems, but goes overboard, listing endless faults, which angers her. In return, she also writes her own "bug report" where she insults his own habits. Realizing his mistake, Leonard contacts Penny's father to learn about her childhood hobbies and arranges their next date at a firing range. The date goes well until Leonard accidentally shoots himself in the toe. Escorting Leonard home from the hospital with only a minor bruise on his toe, Penny assures him that their relationship is progressing smoothly.[4]

Sheldon and Amy are filming a video in his apartment, the first episode of a new Internet series Sheldon Cooper Presents Fun with Flags. Leonard walks through the living room, interrupting their shoot. Leonard is heading out for his date with Penny. Later that night, Leonard and Penny are returning from their date. Penny tells him they should take things slow in their relationship, so Leonard suggests they think of their relationship like a software application that's being developed. They give their relationship a trial run and when they encounter problems, they file a bug report so they can fix it. Penny asks if he means a beta test, although Leonard quibbles and says it's technically an alpha test as a beta test is done by people who weren't involved in the development. Penny accepts Leonard's suggestion and they both agree to keep a list of any problems they have with their relationship. Leonard arrives home as Sheldon calls cut on take 47 of Fun with Flags.

Raj is having Howard and Bernadette over for dinner and continues to be creepily attached to Siri. Bernadette isn't sure she wants to stay. Elsewhere, Leonard has taken Penny to a shooting range, having rang her dad to ask what Penny liked to do as a kid. Penny is impressed by Leonard's thoughtfulness and asks if he wants her to show him what to do with the gun. Leonard claims to know all about gats having played Grand Theft Auto, but he ends up shooting himself in the foot. Penny helps Leonard up the stairs to his apartment. Leonard claims to be bad ass for having a gunshot wound, but Penny says he's actually only got a Reebook with a gunshot wound and an ouchie on his pinkie toe. Leonard thanks Penny for hiding his Star Wars socks at the emergency room, and wonders whether it's time to evaluate their beta test. Penny tells him things are looking good. When Leonard arrives home, Sheldon and Amy are filming a Bavarian-inspired Fun with Flags.

Penny: You mean like a beta testLeonard: Well, technically, this would be an alpha test. A beta test requires people that weren't involved in the development of the appli....Penny: Seriously, do I not get credit for knowing beta testLeonard: No, absolutely you should. 59ce067264

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